Taz 6 changed toolhead and didn't follow instructions

I feel pretty silly. I found a video on youtube and just gave it a shot. Seemed to work fine. Installed head, Created printer. Then I re-installed my old head (I just wanted to see the steps). Went to do a print and the Taz tried to home and it was trying to drill through the home disk (the top corner leveling disk). I ran and turned it off and looked up the real instructions. And lo and behold, there is a step that says: " Position the Z-Axis".

So I don’t want to break it. This baby is precious. It took me a year and a half to get it working (long story) and I have been using it every day since. So how do I fix this problem? Any ideas?

The toolhead may have be re-installed lower than it originally sat in the x-carriage.

Raise the Z-stop and re-calibrate the initial nozzle height. The Z-stop is the small knob on the left hand side of the machine. Adjust the Z-stop so that a business card can slide between the nozzle and bed with some friction. This should get you to a good starting point to further fine tune the initial nozzle height through raising or lowering the z-stop. Its typically another full turn of the knob (which will lower the nozzle another .5mm).

YMMV… but I hope it gets you on the right track.

Well after much fiddling and many attempts with my finger poised over the off button. I was able to get it not trying to push through the leveling disks. I am not actually sure which of my actions stopped it’s quest for the floor but at some point it just started the normal leveling routine.

Then it started failing during every leveling part of the print and I thought “Oh no I broke it”. But after investigating what I think happened is that when it tried to drill through the levelling disk, it messed up the x axis alignment. So after re-aligning the x axis and doing 5000 prints to try and adjust the z-offset just right. I am starting to get good prints again.

I recently replaced the original print head on my TAZ 6 with the SE print head and the adapter plate. When I first started to try to print I had a similar issues. After several attempts of trying to adjust the z-offset I noticed that the wire ties that hold the wires for the heated bed were interfering with the switch located at the rear-left corner of the print bed.

The wire tie locking tabs were located on top of the switch assembly. When the SE head lowers in couldn’t fully depress the switch. I was able to rotate wire tie tabs to the side. This resolved my issue. After this the SE head was able properly depress the switch and the rest of the auto leveling started working fine.

Hope this helps.