Brand new workhorse filament issue

My taz workhorse arrived this morning an upgrade from an ender3, anyway i follow the manual for set up and come to filament change, theres a piece left in the extruder from factory calibration however it for some reason has a bend on the end of it, like an L shape which is stopping it from pulling out of the idler assembly. Is there a simple fix that i am missing for this? dont really want to have to take apart the extruder on a near £3k machine when its fresh out of the box.

Reach out to the support team for help with that before doing anything else: Include a picture of the filament end if you can.

i did and we solved this, support line lady was very thorough and helpful. Was told to clip it off with pliers but access was very tight so i removed the 3 screws holding the lulzbot logo cover which gave me just enough space.

I just got a Workhorse and had the same problem. I ended up getting it out by pulling harder and twisting. It definitely wasn’t ideal.

This has been an ongoing issue with me also - each time I change filament it is extremely difficult to remove. I have also had the ‘L’ shaped filament end, and a slight bulge on other occasions

Add another new Taz WH owner with serious filament issues. Also finding support has gone dark on me.

Seems I have to disassemble the tool head every time I attempt a filament change even by their ‘manual’ instructions given to me by support.

I also had issues, however last time, I was pulling lightly on the filament while it was backing it out, once I knew it was done I pulled it out right away. If you let it sit there, it gets stuck and you have to beast it out.