Broken/Detached wire - what should I do?

My Lulzbot mini recently started having issues during the auto-leveling process, when it was would press down much too hard on the first washer, try to reclean itself, and repeat this loop forever. After doing some sleuthing here on the forums and coming up with a list of possible causes, I found what I believe to be the culprit - a disconnected wire.

I have included a picture of the wire as an attachment. My question to all of you - what is the easiest way to remedy this situation? As someone with zero experience in this area - where do I start looking to fix this?

I was unable to attach the picture for some reason, but you can take a look at it here:

You can see it is the white wire near the top is just kind of hanging in the air.

Both the brown and white wires should be attached to terminals connected to the nearby post with nyloc nut. See photo about 1/3 down this page:

Looks like the white wire has been broken loose from it’s terminal.

You’ll probably need to splice a short piece of wire to that white wire, and crimp on a new ring terminal. Then remove that M3 nyloc nut and secure the new terminal there.