Budaschnozzle - Changing the nozzle

Appart from this video that is instructive, in the product description it is said :

During any nozzle changes make sure to wrap one layer of PTFE tape (Plumbers tape) around the threaded extension

  1. Do you have to do that each time you remove the nozzle, even if I put the same back on ?
  2. If answer to 1 is no, if I give this nozzle an acetone bath, to I have to put plumber tape ?
  3. What is the purpose of the plumber tape ? better heat transfer ?
  4. And because I want to be sure, the tape go on the extension, not in the nozzle ?

I ask those question because having just viewed the video and not read the product description, I have remove around 5 time the nozzle to clean the head from clog. I have not seen trace of one the first time I remove the original nozzle of my Budaschnozzle and I have never put tape back…

I’m not on the dev staff so this is just a guess but in general, PTFE tape is used:

  1. To prevent leakage of extrusion material from the threads
  2. To prevent galling / seizing of the threads


It’s a recommendation. Some users swear by it, some don’t see the need. I’ve used it on both Makergear hot ends and LulzBot’s Budaschnozzles. It has worked well so far.

What is the procedure if the nozzle is stuck to the threaded tube? Is there a trick to getting it freed up without disassembling everything?

The first time I changed nozzles, after printing for a few days, the aluminum nozzle had seized to the threaded tube and broke when I tried to remove it. After that, I have applied 1 wrap of teflon tape at each nozzle change and have not had any issues. Teflon tape is so cheap, you might as well use it. Teflon has excellent resistance to acetone, so it will not be dissolved by cleaning. When PTFE tape is heated, it becomes almost clear so you may not see it on the threads. It only takes a thin residual layer to do the job, but adding some each time is probably ok. You can try to peel the old stuff off so you don’t get too much build up over time.