Budaschnozzle wiring harness

My wiring harness for my Budaschnozzle 2.0 has come apart, and I’m trying to figure out how to fix it.

The wire (on the power supply side) has pulled out of the crimp connector. I can’t figure out how to get the crimp connector out of the housing so I can put the wire back in. I have tried pushing on the little metal tab, but the connector seems to be stuck in the housing. Does anybody have any ideas?

If you can push the pin down on the flat side of the connector and then push the pin toward where the wire goes in with a pair of tweezers, you should be able to get the pin out.

Having some difficulty with that. I have worked a lot with similar connectors and housings, but have never had this much trouble getting a connector out before. If I can’t get it worked out tonight, I am tempted to cut the wires and use a new set of crimp pins and housing.

During regular use, I noticed on several occasions that this connector would get extremely hot. I wonder if that could be contributing to the difficulty of removing the connector from the housing… or maybe I just am not getting the metal tab all the way down.

There are usually some relief cuts in the plastic housing on those pin blocks. I don’t see any from your picture. You could try cutting some on either side of the metal tab with a sharp hobby knife and then use a pin punch to drive the existing pin back out of the housing.

If you do end up wanting to replace the connector we use these connectors and pins:

Male connector pins, 24-30 AWG Digi-Key 16-02-0108
Female connector pins, 22-24 AWG Digi-Key 16-02-0102
CONN HOUSING MALE 4POS .100 Digi-Key 0701070003
CONN HOUSING 4POS .100 W/LATCH Digi-Key 0050579404

If you think you are under warranty or would like to check (30 days for items ordered from LulzBot.com, 90 days for 3D printers) send an email to support at lulzbot.com. We may be able to send out a replacement wiring harness if you’re still within the warranty period.

Thanks for the part numbers. I happen to have the version of that connector for 24-30AWG wire. I was able to swap it out successfully. I really need to get myself a proper crimping tool though. Using needle-nose pliers sucks!

For anyone that is interested, a #56 drill bit makes the perfect sized tool for pushing the connectors out of the housing.