Buddaschnozzle 2.0 vs. E3Dv6 vs. hexagon hotend

Hi all,

I have been printing ABS and PLA on my lulzbot4 for a couple of months and love it. I am looking into printing more high temp plastics (i.e Taulman filiments). I’ve been looking through the forum and see many people who have had both success and issue with E3D and Hexagon…

Buddaschonozzle – great for PLA / ABS

E3Dv6 - High temp material
Need to modify – need to modify firmware

hexagon- High temp material
Need to modify – need to modify firmware

what are you recommendations? E3Dv6 or Hexagon hotend? Also if i want to switch back to the Buddaschnozzle do i have to modify the firmware each time?


The hexagon is cheaper and has basically the same features as the E3Dv6. After you increase the MAXTEMP in the firmware the first time, you probably won’t need to change it back when you go back to the buda. Keep in mind that if you don’t change it back, there is nothing preventing you from setting the nozzle temperature too high and melting down the PEEK insulator, so don’t set it to high if you go this route.

You also might want to change the thermistor setting from 100k Honeywell axial to 100k epcos or whatever applies.

The other thing to consider would be your PID values for the two nozzles. While using the same values for both hotends might work, you will be able to control the temperature better with tuned values. There is a nice guide to that here:


When switching between hot ends if they use a different hot end thermistor (hex uses type 5, Buda type 7) you will need to update the firmware and reflash.