Build Plate CAD Model

I am working on designing a new leveling system for my TAZ 4 and was wondering if anyone can link me to the CAD model for the aluminum part that the build platform is attached. Even a drawing file would help. Thanks.

Here is the one for the Taz 5 I think it is the same for all of them except the soon to be 6/Mangrove. You can find all the files in

I had a vague memory that it had seen som other file and here there is a solidworks projekt file(I Guess?), Not sure if it is correct since it is from the Taz 1

Good luck with the leveling!

Thanks. I’ve never seen anyone do dimensions from the center plate, normally you choose a corner.

I see it now and then.
It is normally for when the size of the plate does not matter so much but for whatever reason the designer wants the machined features to be relative to the center of the plate.
The trick is making a fixture to locate the part, some vises will but good ones are not common or inexpensive.

If it is just a few parts just find each edge of each part and average to get the mid point.
Often it does not really matter but when you are getting paid, unless you get the customer to change the drawing, you make the part to the drawing.


Cool. Well I have my first prototype finished for 1 corner, gonna give it a test and then start a thread on it to share my design and research with everyone.

how is your project going? wondering if you have finished it.
if you have, could your share your model with us please.

edit: just noticed you posted it a couple days ago, would i be able to play around with your model and test it out? im looking to get some aluminum block made…

thank you

found a a site that has the entire TAZ 4 in SolidWorks