Solidworks model of a taz 3 printer

I am modeling a cabinet in solidworks that I am building for my taz 3 printer. I noticed you have solidworks parts for the taz 3 posted… Anybody know if there is an assembly file somewhere I can download of the entire taz 3 printer? My model of my cabinet sure would look nice with a model of the printer in it. :slight_smile:

We don’t have a Solidworks model of the TAZ, as we work rather hard to hold to our committment to supporting and using only Free & LIbre software. In the past we’ve encouraged our more advanced users to make a model in FreeCAD, using some of our FreeCAD source files and importing the other models without the appropriate source. Some of our more advanced users have done so with the AO-101. I don’t believe anyone’s done so yet with the TAZ. Here’s the directory to start: Older version of the FreeCAD source:

Also, here’s our enclosure, if you’d like to have a head start:

Hope this helps!


I’m working on the same thing atm. I will have the full Taz4 modeled within a few weeks… :wink: stay tuned…

I’m working on trying to build a derivative of a Taz4 frame out of machined and welded tube steel. Any models of the existing frame in any format that could be imported into Solidworks, Rhino, or FreeCAD (or easily manipulated to produce a set of drawings, for that matter) would be greatly appreciated! Good luck and thanks much!

I have all the files finished, just Havn’t got around to posting them up. I’ll have it up soon.