TAZ4/5 system level cad layout

I’m looking to do some work on an enclosure and I was hoping someone could share their 3D CAD solid models (IGES, .IGS, or STEP, .STP) of a TAZ4/5 at the very top level. I want to have a top level layout including all the frame members, Y table, Z climber, Rambo enclosure, ETC. Does this exist anywhere? I have looked for it on Aleph Objects’ site without success. I’d be happy to share as I make improvements and fill in any gaps in the solid models.
TIA and keep printing.

Did you check download.lulzbot.com and devel.lulzbot.com ?

I have looked in both locations and I did see a few Solidworks part files and some free CAD formated files but I’ve got to believe that their engineering team has a fully assembled layout sitting in their Solidworks PDM system. If they could just open it in a Solidworks session and and export as an IGES file I’d be all set. :wink:

Here is one on grabcad https://grabcad.com/library/lulzbot-taz-4-3d-printer-1

WOW! What a beautiful model and what a fruitful website. I’ve only had my TAZ for a couple of months but clearly I’ve got some exploring to do. Thanks to piercet and the biggest props goes out to Jonathan Brazeau for the source. It really is fantastic!
4 post later and I’m sure these forums have the best users!

In my hurry to start my update project,
I meant to thank tmorris9 for the correct answer.
THANK YOU tmorris9.

Here is my update …I’ve started my enclosure project and am using the files in the link earlier. Only 2 versions, .stp or .sldprt. Neither is parametric and both import as surface only models. I wish he had provide access to the .sldasm file.
I’ll update here when the enclosure is further along.

Excellent info in this thread. I’m also looking at enclosure options for my TAZ5. I’m at work, doing some web browsing and can’t open the files in the previous post. I wonder if anybody happens to know the operating area of the TAZ5? How much internal space do I need to safely move the bed to the max position in all directions?

You may want to look at this one instead of designing your own.