Buyer Beware

Ladies and Gents,

I am the proud owner of a Lulzbot Mini and, very soon, a Taz 6. I would like to caution anyone who may be thinking of buying one of these to please, for the love of whatever you hold dear, DO NOT buy them from Amazon Wholesale (Scratch and Dent). I made this mistake and ended up getting a refurbished model that was not correctly refurbished. It was not refurbed by AO or even IT Works 3D, but by some chimpanzee at Amazon. I received this printer in the following condition:
-Missing Screws.
-An unsupported RAMBo or knockoff thereof.
-Bubbles in the PEI Sheet.
-PVA Glue still on the PEI.
-Poorly Packed
-Y Axis non-functional (Found to be probably because of the unsupported rambo clone.)

The unit I was sold was supposed to only have minor (>5%) cosmetic defects. Figured scratched paint isn’t a big deal. I didn’t count on Sam’s Discount VCR Shop doing a refurb and that being what I get. But it’s what I got.

All in all it was a very poor experience. I will ONLY be buying from AO/Lulz from now on, because I know I can count on the excellent customer service, as I received from David who helped me determine what the issues were.

My new Taz is on order from AO and will hopefully be here shortly, as I can’t wait to start printing with it.


It looks like in the near future we’ll be able to handle all of the Amazon returns, so they won’t do refurbs at all. So that way we know we can get them refurbed correctly.



Excellent and good to hear. Thanks for the update Jeff.