CAD drawings for assembled Taz 5

Hello all

I will be receiving a Taz 5 in a few days and wanted to start working on an enclosure.
To facilitate that task, I would prefer to design it in Fusion 360 or OnShape with an actual assembled Taz 5 model in vector format.

I have seen a lot of files to download, but I have not come across a fully assembled Taz 5 in CAD format.

Thank You in advance

I don’t think it will help that much besides getting the basic dimensions that you can find online. The thing is, the bed hangs over the end of the frame when at the extreme of the Y axis, so if you went purely by a CAD file or using HWD dimensions of the unit, it will probably still be off by several inches (4-6ish - I haven’t measured) in the rear.

If you use the dimensions in the “cat guard” tutorial, they would probably be best.

More or less the same and very high quality work.

Total potential internal travel of a Taz 6 should be around 720mm x 700mm accounting for the wider control box and the washer overhang on the bed. It should be the same height as the 5 (600-ish?).

I used the dimensions of 24x27x24 (WxDxH) for my temp enclosure (coroplast)… it was based of minimal enclosure saramos made. Material in the size 24x## is easy to source at the hardware store.

CAD drawings of of TAZ 4 here. Hotbox enclosure drawings here.

Thank you all:

PdxSteve, doenute, piercet and kcchen_00

for your informative replies, I now have all I need to get this job done.

Tom Savage