Can Cura Turn Off a Heated Bed Partway Into a Print?

Is there a way to modify the gcode for a print so that the heated bed starts out on, but turns off (or reduces in temperature) after x number of layers? It would be ideal to do this in Cura, but if Cura can’t do it then it would be great to get recommendations about what software might be a good choice.


M140 S0 is the gcode line you need, just use the tweak at layer height option or open your gcode up in your favorite text editor and throw that line in there after the G1 Zfoo command that corresponds to the height you want to turn your bed off.

Fantastic, thanks so much for your help!

Simplify3D has layer-by-layer settings for bed temperature and extruder temperature.

I haven’t used those choices yet, but it’s in their settings in their “Temperature” tab.

They have a similar menu choice for setting the cooling fan speed on a layer-by-layer basis also, and I’ve used that and it works as expected.