Bed stays at 50º now? Can it not?

After a print, I feel like my Mini would just stop heating the bed. My Taz 6 seems to perpetually keep the bed heated at 50º (for HIPS) until I bother to turn the machine off. Sometimes I don’t get around to that in a timely fashion (days) and it’s heating my garage the whole time at California electricity prices. Is there a way to make it drop the bed temp to 0 after a print? Or to do the 50º for a shorter period of time and then drop to 0?

Edit: I’m using Cura.


We keep the bed at the part removal temperature by default, as it helps prevent damage to your PEI sheet. If you allow your part to cool to room temperature, it will cause contraction of the part and can pull up on your print surface causing bubbles. This will happen even if heating the bed plate back up in order to remove the part.

That being said, if you would like to turn off the bed after a print you can modify your end gcode:

M190 R60 ; set bed to removal temp

Change this to:

M190 R0 ; set bed to removal temp

This will turn your bed off once your print is complete.