Can I operate the taz without the extruder head?

So I just printed this lovely micrometer mount to do some bed leveling on my KITTAZ, which required the extruder to be unplugged. If I do so the printer throws an error (Extruder switched off. MINTEMP triggered !) which apparently is from the thermistor being unplugged. My problem is that I can no longer move the axis manually, though I notice I can still home them. Can I tell the printer to ignore that error, or is there another way to move axis that I don’t know about? I’m just using pronterface to issue my commands.

You can just leave the thermisor plugged in. Ziptie the hotend to the carriage or something. Be creative.

Thanks, yeah that’s what I’m doing, the hotend still plugged in somewhere within reach of the cables. I thought there might be a nice way to turn off the check. From what I’ve seen I can rewrite the firmware to not do the check, I jut thought there might be a simple command I could send.

Yep, I don’t know of one either.

Also just for anyone that finds this in the future, the micrometer system is awesome (short of having auto-leveling). It feels so much better to know my bed is actually leveled and not that I think the paper under the nozzle had roughly the same amount of stiction in each of the corners.