Lulzbot TAZ 6 Microsyringe Pump


I have recently purchased a Lulzbot Taz 6 with the intent of modifying it for my own use. I understand the warranty will become invalid as soon as I do so, but I would like to use it for the gantry controls to guide a microsyringe pump. I have put everything together with the exception of the toolhead with the extruders, and the printer seems to boot up as normal. However, I get an error ,“MINTEMP E0”, which after some research is an error caused by the thermistor on the gearhead not being connected properly. I won’t have the toolhead connected because I want to install a microsyringe pump and a small scanner.

In order to bypass this error (and potentially other errors), I need to flash the printer’s firmware with some of the files altered to do what I would like it to do. Has anyone does this before and know where to look? I have found these resources to be helpful, but I want to be careful with what code I alter. I ONLY want to be able to control the x, y, and z axis of the printer. The rest of my equipment will be computer controlled.

If the only change you need to make in the firmware is to eliminate this error, you could just put a 100K ohm resistor across the thermistor pins. These pins are the last two on the end with both wires the same color (orange on my TAZ 6).

That is the only change I need to make in the firmware and I did try what you said. It works for me, however I ran into a strange problem where I cannot move the X-Axis to the right. All the rest of my motors work properly with the exception of the X-Axis. The X-Axis will move to the left, but freeze when I try to move it to the right.

When I plug in the head (which I will not be using), my problem goes away. How can I bypass this using your method without losing access to my X-Axis motor?

Thanks for your help.

SOLUTION: To anyone who sees this and has a similar problem. The reason why the X-Axis motor motor would not move to the right is because you must have the right endstop connected. This is part of the tool head. I bypassed this by snipping off the part that only involves the right endstop and resoldered the wires onto two pins. After plugging these in with the 100 kOhm resistor in place of the thermistor, the printer can now be used.