FDA approved Filaments

Hi Everyone,
I am wondering if anyone knows of a comprehensive list of FDA approved filaments besides PETG and T-glase (I think T-glase is FDA approved) Thanks in advance for any help.

Possibly Polycarbonate… used for commonly found water bottles. Make sure to use a SS nozzle… there may be lead in the brass nozzles.

There is no such thing as an FDA approved fillament printed object. The process leaves small voids and holes in the print surface. You can coat it with something and make it safe, or you can chemically treat it to fill the voides (such as ABS and acetone) and make it safer, but an object directly off the print bed is a single use food object if you don’t want to die due to botulism toxin.

I agree. 3D printed objects leave voids and steps which trap bacteria which can cause bad things.

Though from a pure filament perspective:
FDA approved – t-glase is specifically made of FDA approved polymers for direct food contact/containers.


Clostridium botulinum is an anaerobe. Voids in your print as in a cup, food container, etc. will probably not offer a hospitable environment for C. botulinum - don’t worry. Besides, the mouth and gut etc. is very forgiving in terms of bacterial concentrations with some rare caveats. Implantation of 3DP devices is different. FDA will need an investigational device exemption for nearly anything that is 3DP due to material properties, tissue and cellular reactions, toxicity, as well as increased impermeable surfaces where neutrophils can’t reach, risking infection. The best way to do it is mock something up in FDM plastic and then have it laser sintered from titanium, autoclaved, then implant.

However, that being said…

We print in polycarbonate straight from Taz 5, autoclave and implant in rats for acute and chronic experiments without infection.

Good luck.