Can't print by USB

Help -
I recently inherited a Mini 2, and I am having a hard time getting it to print.

If I try to “Print via USB” in Cura, then I get an error: “USB Printing - This printer does not support USB printing because it uses UltiGCode flavor”.

My desktop computer is a Mac (macOS 10.15.3).
Cura-lulzbot version: 3.6.20
Printer firmware version:

Can anyone help?


Are you using Ultimaker Cura or LulzBot CuraLE? Ultimaker Cura doesn’t have predefined printer profiles for LulzBot so you will have to set it up manually (including the Gcode flavor). CuraLE has predefined profiles for all the LulzBot printers and I would recommend using that one to get started.

I managed to resolve this.
Somehow, I had accidentally set the printer’s Gcode flavor (in Cura) to Ultimaker 2; I reset it to Marlin and the Print via USB was successful.