Firmware Marlin_TAZ6_Universal_2. issue

I noticed that whenever I press “Stop Print” on the LCD screen of my Taz 6 and confirm stopping the print immediately stops then very quickly tries to start printing again and I have to turn off the printer to stop the behavior. Is there some setting I am missing. I am using the firmware Marlin_TAZ6_Universal_2. and have selected the correct printer in the LCD screen.


The TAZ 6 firmware you are using ( has been updated and we recommend installing the latest build of Cura to ensure that you are running the newest version of firmware on your printer.

I updated to the “Marlin_TAZ6_Universal_2.” firmware and the start of the print it did a filament change before printing. The “Stop” issue is resolved but how do I keep it from doing a filament change before the printing? If I already have the filament in place I don’t want to have to purge and reinsert.

Go ahead and navigate to your configuration menu and see if the runout sensor is on.

If it is, go ahead and toggle that off and this should resolve the filament change issue you are experiencing.

Yep that did the trick. Thanks!

Great! Just be sure to go back after turning that off and click on store/save settings from that same configuration menu.
Otherwise, if you turn the printer off and on, it will turn back on for you.