Taz 5 0.35mm --> 0.5mm, Firmware?

When I switched from a 0.35 nozzle to a 0.5 nozzle was I supposed to flash the firmware? I definitely changed the diameter in my slicer(s)… but after using Cura today I saw that it recommends a firmware flash after a toolhead change. I assume that’s changing between single/dual/flexy/dualy… but what about nozzle diameter?

Additionally, can someone explain why different toolheads need different firmware?

According to this link I think the answer is no, I don’t need to flash for 0.35 --> 0.5 nozzle diameter changes.


No new firmware is necessary.

We have the firmware flashing step included as you will need to do so when switching from a Budaschnozzle hotend. This would be required with all TAZ 4’s, along with anyone who uses a V1 Single/Dual/Flexy/Dual Flexy.

If switching between single hexagon hot ends, the firmware flashing step can be skipped.

Just so I have this straight… I had a Taz 5 with a 0.35 mm nozzle. I upgraded the hot end to a 0.5mm nozzle. No firmware upgrade required. Got it.

Today, I’m installing a Flexystruder V2. I know I need to update the firmware. Reference: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/flexystruder-v2-install-lulzbot-taz-5/

The last few sentences of this guide read: “To switch back to the original tool head, follow the same steps outlined in this guide, except this time, select the Standard LulzBot TAZ tool head and options.”

Do I need to flash the firmware again to use the regular toolhead?

Can I print ABS/PLA with the Flexystruder? When would I want to switch back to 0.5mm?

Other than the fully enclosed feeder (forgive my lack of technical nomenclature here) and increased diameter nozzle, what are the print differences one would expect with this extruder?

Thanks again!

Yes, whenever you switch from one tool head (standard/Flexy/Dualy/FlexiDualy) to a different tool head you need to re-flash the firmware. If you are just changing nozzle diameter you do not need to re-flash the firmware. If you have Guppy (1.75 diameter filament) that is essentially the same as a standard tool head: you do not need to re-flash the firmware to go between a standard tool head and the Guppy.