Chimera/Cyclops Titan Mount

I have been working for a while on a direct drive mount for the Chimera/Cyclops using titan extruders. Due to the size of the Titans the best I could do was to do an elongated direct drive. The stepper motors I used are great because you can plug them directly into the existing cables. I am not 100% sure if they are compatible so if someone could double check for me that would be great! They can be found here:

In addition, I am using the BLTouch probe. I am also hoping to find a good method to mount cooling fans if anyone has some input. I am currently printing out a stiffened mount as well.

Updated V2
-Stiffened mount
-Decreased distance from extruder to hotend
-Cooling duct

Nice work!

It looks great, thank you for sharing!!!

I know this is a year old topic, but did you get everything up and working? Any plans on posting your designs? Thanks!