I have inherited a Lulzbot TAZ and the last thing printed on it was NinjiFlex. I was told they properly prepared the printer bed with the glue stick that came with the printer.

I was told by the former teacher that to clean the print bed use isopropyl alcohol. This doesn’t really seem to remove all the residue. They printed bracelets and you can still see the outline of them and feel “gunk” on the print bed.

Also below the print bed, between the heating element and the clear top, where one doesn’t have access too, there is splotchy yellowish stuff. Is this normal? Its nothing that can be access, but it seems very odd.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I personally use water if it is the purple glue stick. But I use 93% ISO alcohol to clean with, so not much water in it to take the water soluble glue off with. :slight_smile:


The yellow ‘stuff’ is dried out adhesive from the heating pad I believe, which says your heat pad is starting to detach from the glass it is/was stuck to. :cry:

Thank you for the answers.

I will try water, and hope that works.

As far as the print bed is concerned that is distressing. The printer is 3 months old.

How pro active is Lulzbot in fixing defective parts, because there is no way something this expensive should be separating in 3 months.

It may not be dried out adhesive, but adhesive separation due to improper part removal. You have to remove a part from PEI with some care, otherwise it will lift and separate. For instance, I use a cheese slicer with the slicy bit taped over as my part removal tool ( This one ) which has a very thin but strong front edge to gently separate the part from the bed via wedge action, which lifts the part up and pushes the bed surface down reinforcing the bond rather than lifting it up. If the printer is only 3 months and the lifted area is bad, you may want to contact support to get a new one. You can also re-bed the PEI with a little effort, or buy a new assembly for around $60

Try a green scouring pad or a Mr. Clean Eraser Sponge. The slight abrasive surface of the sponge won’t remove much PEI (if at all) helps to remove residue filament along with the the glue. Soaking the glue stick for a few minutes will help with dissolving/removing.