Comprehensive List of TAZ Modifications

Maybe add in the 10MM rod/ bearing upgrade that everyone was doing awhile ago? I bought the parts and never did it. But going to try it this week.


I did that mod a while back. Moderate improvement in quality. I wouldn’t say its worth the $400 or so in parts. I’ll be doing the open rails conversion soon and posting my misumi rods for sale.

You might want to add Flexystruder v2 to the list ( I have been successfully using that extruder for a while. Adding the additional tension control on the Flexistruder v1 was more than I needed. :wink:

I just added this to thingverse:

Don’t know if you want to add this to the list but I made a new camera mount. It’s a bit of a hack job but it’s the most stable build plate mount with the widest view so far. I’m no designer so it’s just pieced with meshmixer.

Camera Mount for Taz 4/5

The modification list has been updated and is I believe now up to date. if I missed anything, please let me know.

I created a custom LCD + Raspberry Pi mod to replace the standard LCD mount.

Forum post is here:
Thingiverse is here:

Thanks for maintaining the list!

Added that one to the list as well, Thanks!

Although I just posted it elsewhere, I’ll repeat it here. I discarded my Misumi linear bearing & hardened steel shaft upgrade on my TAZ 5. The linear ball bearings rumbled and large parts had so much harmonic ripple on large horizontal surfaces (especially with a .5mm nozzle) that they looked like they were made of grainy wood. So, I got rid of the bearings and replaced them with 10mm x 14mm x 25mm sintered bronze bearings that I ordered from Amazon (Oilite P/N: AAM1014-25). I designed/printed some ABS sleeves to bush the bearings up to the 19.2mm x 29mm size of the stock plastic bearings. The results are fantastic! No play, axes move smoothly, printer is much quieter, and printed parts (so far) are excellent. I replaced all 11 bearings for $50 including shipping. These bearings should work well with the stock shafts, too, so no need to replace the stock shafts with hardened shafts as is necessary with linear ball bearings.

I just did this yesterday, so I don’t have much experience with the mod, but I expect it to last the life of the printer.

I respectfully suggest Lulzbot consider designing these bronze bearings into the next TAZ.

[12/23/2015 Edit] Per you suggestion, I’ve added .stl files of the plastic sleeve bearing holder. Note that dimensions are tight and changing temperatures, plastic colors, and such will cause size variations. I also made the OD about .2mm too large so I could sand the boogers off the OD on a disc sander after assembly (you just grip the assembly loosely by the ends in your fingers and touch it to the disc. It’ll spin while it sands and give you a nice smooth, round part)

[5/28/2017 Edit] It’s been a year and a half using the Oilite sintered bronze bushings and I thought I’d let you know that that they are still working great with NO signs of wear in the bushings or the shafts. An excellent, low-cost upgrade!
Sleeve Bearing Holder - Male 2015-12-23.stl (103 KB)
Sleeve Bearing Holder - Female 2015-12-23.stl (95.8 KB)

You should post a thread with this modification along with the design files

Yup, post the stl files (you can upload them to the forum as an attachment in your thread) and ill add it to the list. Thanks!

The list has been updated, please see post #1.

This is the latest TAZ prototype:

Production release will not be out in Q1, for sure, btw.

Updated the list, I had been leaving the old link there because it has the pictures in it. Looking forward to seeing nutmeg pictures at some point too!

Please consider adding the filament guide bracket that I just posted the other day for the Dual Extruder V2:

Thank you.

Sure, it’s on the list in the filliament path section now.

I created a removable build bed design for the Taz 4 or 5. I use this exclusively and it is night and day better than stock.

I have revised the license to meet Lulzbot’s standards.

Sure, added it to the bed modifications section as of now. Thanks!

Just added this to thingverse:

I’ve modified the existing TAZ extruder body design to include forced-air cooling of the filament itself, above the brass bushing. The intent is to prevent swelling and jamming of PLA due to heat creep. So far it appears to have solved the problem.

I’ve included stp and stl files for the modified part. I will add photos when I have good representative models. The details are in this thread:

Thank you.