Convert a TAZ Dual Extruder v2 to a TAZ FlexyDually v2


I recently purchased a dual extruder v2 and have now changed the projects I am working on and am wondering about converting it to a flexydually v2.

It looks pretty simple, like all I need to do is change out the stock filament guide body with this:

and reassemble.

My concerns are:

  • How to rehome the z levels on the nozzles

  • Which version of firmware to load with the tool head

Has anyone done this? Any tips, tricks, hints or first hand advice?


There are a few variants of the Wade extruder body with an extended lower filament path. This eliminates the gap of the hobbed bolt which mitigates the filament from being “sucked” into the extruder.

My version of the extruder is listed in the following thread:

To convert between a Flexydually V2 and Dualy V2:

  • Swap between the Flexystruder extruder body and Wade’s extruder body- you’ll also need the extruder idler and extruder idler latch. All three are for sale on our website
  • Swap both nozzles between the Dual V2 .5mm and flexydually v2 .6mm (or make adjustments in your slicer)
  • Follow the install guide for the appropriate toolhead to level and change firmware