crashing the print head into the taller of two models

I’m printing “one at a time” and Cura decides to print the taller model (which happens to be at low X high Y location in the back left) first and the somewhat shorter model second.

When both prints are done, the print head rases a bit above the finished second part and moves toward the completed print location (X = 0, Y = near max to present me with the build plate) and subsequently rams itself into the taller print because it forgot it was there.

Is there a way to adjust the code to either always print the shortest model first or to remember the maximum Z height of ANY object so that when it’s done printing, it rasises itself to max Z plus a little clearance?

OR did I misunderstand what “gantry height” is? I measured from the nozzle tip to the X-travel bars (~40 mm). That’s roughly what the hover text says to do. I understand this is to make sure the bars dont smack into something and restricts the max height to 40 to avoid bar crashes.

It may be easier to simply raise the nozzle 40+ mm after the “lift and retract” before moving to the cooling position. I guess I can try that.


You’re easiest solution to avoid those issues is to select “Print all at Once” from the settings. If you need help finding the settings let me know.