Cura Height error on Print one at a time

I think the last few versions of cura might have a bug. I remember an older version of cura never gave me errors about gantry height before. I thought gantry height errors were only for when you used the “print all at once feature”. Am i the only one experiencing this problem?

This is using the default Lulzbot mini profile with single extruder if that makes any difference.

The error is: “Object must be shorter than 17.0mm for this printer/tool head. Reduce Object Size or swap …”

I was thought it was the other way around. If you are printing several objects at once then it prints them layer by layer while one at a time they have to be X MM tall or X MM apart so the hot end will not hit a prior printed part. :confused: :confused:

Yes, i think we are saying the same thing. I thought the height error was only supposed to show up with multiple objects on a print bed as to prevent the tool head from knocking one or more objects over if one is much taller than another.

What i’m saying is that i am also recieving the error when i only have one object and in the “print one at a time” feature. I don’t think this should be happening. Anyone else experiencing this?

Also i could swear that when i switch back from High Speed to Normal Speed that when i print my objects my printer still prints them in High Speed. I suppose it could just be my imagination, but on the off chance that i’m correct then the two bugs could be related. Perhaps Cura is saving my settings in a file somewhere and does not correctly clear those settings out when i change settings and/or restart Cura.

I am trying to use “vase” mode to print several identical parts on my Taz 5. No problem printing one at a time. However when I try to print two pieces, separated on the print bed so there won’t be any mechanical interference between the just completed part and the next one, it prints as if I had not selected “one at a time”. Obviously you have to print multiple objects one at a time when using vase mode. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Pete