CuRA 14.09 "Not Responding"

New to 3D printing. On a large print (36 meters of ABS), Windows 7 running Cura 14.09 is “not responding”.

What happens? will the print finish? Currently only about 50%. If it stops printing, how do you restart without printing the entire piece? Or will the gcode read from computer memory and complete the print even without the computer control?

Lesson obviously learned is to load to the SD Card and not rely on the computer…


How did it come out? I would have left the comp alone, and hoped that the process in the background continued until the print was finished.

The print did finish. But cooling effects severely damaged it. on one end there is a 10mm gap.

Printed on TAZ 5. I’m thinking full enclosure might help. Any and all suggestions accepted.


Print that with PLA or use an enclosure. Even without an enclosure increasing your hot end temps 10 degrees may help as well (if you have the all metal hot end, try printing ABS at 250, then cover the printer with a blanket/box/etc.

Thanks for the suggestions. I did up the temp to 250 toward the end of the print. Enclosure is apparently absolutely necessary.

Planning the enclosure using 8020 inc.materials.


Look into our CATGuard:

I’ve had some similar issues with Cura crashing on Win8.1 x64.
At first I thought it was caused by large(Mini large :laughing: ), and detailed models…

But I tried loading my models in Slic3r, and used the “fix STL” command, and Cura seemed to like it more.<-- of course I have no proof to that theory. :smiley: But hey…try it, see if it helps.

Would cranking the fan up, help bond/cool the layers and possibly help from splitting?

Can you put the side facing us in this picture, downward?
I can’t really tell, but it looks like you could get by without support, and possibly make it even stronger?

definately needs an enclosure for this print.

By the way, my Cura will almost always “crash” during long prints (not responding) but so far always finished the print nicely. No idea why that happens…

What printer are you using?
I only ask because I’m starting to find controllers, with integrated Wifi/web servers… for very cheap…
And VERY small footprint…

Just had this happen where Cura and the pronterface gui are “not responding” First time it’s happened. Print seems to be merrily running along.