Cura locking up

I’m running a 32 hour print. About 1/4 the way through the print, Cura has locked up and will not respond. The print, now 21 hours in, continues to print. We shall see if it completes. This is the new version 17.04 running on Windows 7 sp1. Any ideas?

Don’t worry, your print should finish fine. This is a known problem for quite some time. After several hours Cura appears grey and stops responding, but printing continues like normal.

I guess I haven’t been following discussions on 17.04, and didn’t realize that it was a known issue. I was fairly sure the print would finish as I recently ran this same print and Cura had locked up. However, that print failed when I plugged a light into the same power strip as the printer.
The print running now should finish up in about another 10 hours.