Cura 18.03 on Mac printing old files?

Is anyone else seeing a bug (I assume) with Cura 18.03 on MAC where it prints the wrong file or the right file with “old” settings? If I load a part file and then scale or multiply it updates the preview screen as expected. When I then hit print (after normal start up dorking in control window) it sends the old file before the modifications to the printer? II just realized this may only happen if I cancel a failed print and then print again after changing the options, tying it to the other issue below.

if I print a model file and then either clear the platform from the File menu or “delete all objects” from the bed GUI pop-up menu, then load a different model file it sometimes prints the old model file. The bed display looks right and the estimated time change, but the old model is sent to the printer. It is like the old GCODE file has been cached and is sent instead (before?) the new file. I am now in the habit of quitting all the way out of Cura after each time I hit the print button and want to do something else.

Cura 18.03 on iMac with 16 Gig of memory running El Capitan (10.11.3)

This is not specific to this version of Cura or Mac OS X. Cura’s behavior is to load selected settings/models/transformations when the control button is clicked. It is not ideal, but the workaround is to reopen the print window before starting a new print to ensure you have the latest.

Feature request to improve this is here: The more people that request this behavior be improved the higher chance we’ll address it.