Cura does not recognize updates/edits

If I print something, I find that I cannot do another print unless I quit Cura altogether.

Example 1: Suppose I print something and decide that more support is needed. I add more support, and confirm via the levels view that the support has expanded to include the trouble spot. I press print again, and get a duplicate of the original print, with the original (and nonoptimal) setting.

Example 2: I print one part. After removing the part, I choose File > Clear platform and then load a new model. I press print and it prints another copy of the first part. OR, sometimes it prints both parts 1 and 2!

I can work around this issue just by quitting Cura altogether and reloading the models involved, but it can be really annoying when you’ve got a couple models on the platform and they’ve been scaled, etc. I’m using Cura Lulzbot Edition 19.12 on a Mac.

The print window only updates “what is to be printed” once, when it is first opened. So if you have adjusted settings or made any model changes, reopen the print window before starting a new print.

I think that I have been closing and reopening the Print window, but I’m not sure. I will experiment and check. Thank you!

A tip for Erin is to always double check the “layers” tab before printing as this will always show you exactly what the print will look like.

In reply to Nick though i think i have seen something similar on a Windows 7 machine. I swear that Cura is loading past settings and not updating them when changed sometimes. I don’t think this has anything to do with the print dialog window. Example: Sometimes i will set my machine to print an object at the fastest speed possible. Then the next object i print i select to print at normal or fine speed. Sometimes it seems that these second prints print at the fastest speed possible even though cura shows on the main window that this setting has been changed in the quick print settings window. Either it’s just my imagination or Cura is not saving/loading the saved settings correctly. So far i have only seen this issue with the older cura versions and not with Cura Beta 20.01. But i am now using gcode and octoprint most of the time, so that may be why i havn’t seen this issue anymore either.

I have been doing that - that’s what I meant by “confirm via the levels view”. And I agree that this is extremely useful (maybe the most important step to avoid screwed up prints).

I updated to Cura 20 and haven’t had the issue again so far.