Cura 2.6.52 complains about Tool Head Changes, doesn't print

I installed the Lulzbot Cura 2.6.52. I picked my Taz 6 out of the list and tried to print a Benchy. It seems to find my printer but then complains: Toolhead was changed, you need to change machine firmware, with two buttons Automatically change firmware and Upload Custom Firmware. I tried Automatically Change Firmware and it seemed to push a new version to my printer. (I see a Marlin screen I didn’t used to see that says 1.1.5).

I tried to print the Benchy again. Again I got the same message about a toolhead change. There doesn’t seem to be any way around it. Cancel or Finish both just lead to Connection Timeouts.

How do I get printing again?


Sorry for the issue you are seeing, we are working on a version that should alleviate the issues you are seeing. Cura 2.6.54 has a fix for this, but it is still one of our newer unreleased versions. Your experience may vary with it. You don’t list what operating system you are using, so I will link you to all of them. You can find them here:
Download the 2.6.54 version and let us know how it goes.

Oops. I should have said, I’m on a Mac (10.10.5).

I’m giving 2.6.56 a shot. It’s complaining about not being able to determine the firmware version, but it does seem to be printing. I’ve got a few things to run today, so I’ll report back how that all goes. Thanks for the reply!

Just saw your email about 2.6.54 being the one to use. I’ll downgrade to that and work through some prints.

In that devel repo, the most current build is one that we are currently working on. 2.6.56 (or largest number for future readers) may not be complete or functioning. However, we just tested 2.6.55 (largest number minus 1 for future readers) and it has the fixes from this ticket incorporated:

This version will allow you to connect, but it will just throw a warning stating the firmware you have on your machine does not match with what is included with our version of Cura.

For all those interested, you can find all of our latest experimental builds here:

Please let us know if this one gets you sorted!