Cura 2.6.52 - not creating or printing brim

Since I updated to Cura 2.6.52, the software is no longer creating brims. I’m using it with a TAZ 6.

Helo nowlab,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles. When you say you updated to Cura 2.6.52, is this from a previous version of Cura 2.6.xx or from Cura original?

Updated from Cura 21.08 on Windows 10. I went back to 21.08 so I could print brims again.

It appears that the build plate adhesion isn’t set up correctly under the recommended print settings on Cura 2.6.52. We have created a ticket to address this. It can be found here if you would like to follow it:

If you toggle to the custom setting, brim can be turned on under build plate adhesion. You can also adjust some other options there as well should you so desire.