Just downgraded back to Cura 20.01

Checking into the website after leaving my Taz idle for a while and picking it up again I saw Cura 2.6 and downloaded it and upgraded. I have printed many parts successfully in Cura 20.01 even recently.

So I tried to print the Aerostruder backplate in PLA using Cura 2.6, I had not successfully printed this part in 20.01 yet but have printed other backplates previously and with this same PLA.

First I had issues that seemed to be support related. It would print fine until the verticle hole, then would spiderweb some and plug up. Now its only printing to about the third or fourth layer before it drags, plugs and starts printing air.

Ive been slowing down the speed, adjusting the post-retract prime amount, adjusting the brim and support settings… anything I could think of. I’ve had about a dozen ruined parts to try new ideas.

Finally I downgraded to 20.01 again (and downgraded firmware) and the first layer looked much better. I havent finished it yet, but I am hopeful. I think the slicing profile in 20.01 doesnt travel as much between retracts on a solid layer.

Two questions:

Anyone else having print layer problems in Cura 2.6 they werent having in earlier versions?

What additional information do you need from me to use my experience for possible improvement?

  • Cura 2.6 (downloaded two days ago, firmware updated)
  • Lulzbot Taz 5
  • Single Hexagon Extruder
  • .5mm Nozzle
  • PLA printing at 210c and 60c bed temp that prints successfully otherwise
  • Bed is level and in great condition
  • First layer prints decent with a few missed lines after moves
  • Second layer looks great and corrects most of the minor flaws in the first layer
  • Then I leave it unattended and at a suspiciously similar point in the print the nozzle plugs.

Update: Same issue with Cura 20.01 as 2.6. Looking into other factors now. Nevermind me.

Reach out to our support team at LulzBot.com/Support for detailed help. If you enjoy using Cura 20.01, the last updated version was 21.08, available in the sidebar of LulzBot.com/Cura.

Additionally, you’ll want to print your 3D printer components in ABS. It’s more resistant to heat than PLA, and will match more closely the performance of the 3D printed parts from our factory.

Thank you for the reply. And for the Cura clue-in.

I get the ABS advantages. I have some. I’ll give that a shot, it’s just weird that the print was failing repeatedly in the exact same spot mid print. Seemed software-like.

My trouble might be material related after all. I’m going to struggle along a while more before I call in the experts.


  1. Cheap material is more like 3.00mm than 2.85mm and harder to push through the heat tube. Since I have a bunch of it (and a backup head) I drilled it out a smidge larger as an experiment. I used a #29 drill, which didn’t take out much material at all.

  2. Broken tensioner… I don’t know when in the process this happened because it only fell apart when I disassembled the whole thing.

    Ill be putting the new version of CURA back on tomorrow. Its got some cool profile features and options that I liked for the brief time I was using it.