Cura 2.6 - Materials Management?

I’m having a couple problems with the “Manage Materials” section of Cura 2.6 (Windows).

  1. The “Create” button does not work for me. Clicking “Create” has no visible action, no dialog is displayed, no new material is created in the listbox of materials. (There is a file created in %appdata% (“custom_material.xml.fdm_material”), and there is a message in the log: “WARNING - cura.Settings.ContainerManager._getMaterialContainerIdForActiveMachine [777]: Unable to find a suitable container based on custom_material for the current machine .”

  2. Selecting an existing material, clicking “Activate”, then clicking “Duplicate” successfully creates a new material. I can then edit or delete that custom material entry – UNTIL I close and reopen Cura. After closing/reopening, my custom material entry can no longer be changed (fields are all protected) or Removed (the “Remove” button is inactive), just as with the default materials. The only documentation I can find (Ultimaker) indicates I should be able to change/remove custom materials at any time.

Are these known issues? Or am I misunderstanding how “Manage Materials” works?

I know I can duplicate a “Profile” and have the ability to change any/all parameters. But I would like to create and manage custom materials as well. Is that possible?

Hello Scott,

Thanks for the report! This does look to be a bug, as we are able to duplicate it on our end. We intended to have our included profiles protected, to ensure a known tested starting point for when issues arise. (Always good to have a safety net) It looks like Cura LulzBot Edition is protecting all material profiles once restarted. We have opened up a ticket here if you would like to follow along:

Duplicating and renaming profiles is the easiest way to create them, and we will do our best fix it up so you can change all the things.

Thanks again for the report!

Brent.I - Thank you for investigating!

Regarding task T1374 – it seems to only address the ability to edit a duplicated Material. Will fixing the “Create” button be a separate task? I can’t get the “Create” button to work at all.

Sorry about that, I had missed that in the first reading. It has been added, and can be followed here:

Excellent – THANKS!