M1 Mac and Cura

So another release, and still no Mac version. We’re getting closer to the end of Intel macs, and will have another brand new OS in a few months as well. Any idea when or if we will see an updated cura? If you’re dropping the platform, please let us know.

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Would also love to have some guidance here. Cura hangs for me on M1 Mac. Can’t access Menus at all.

M1’s can’t even run the windows or linux versions in a virtual machine, since it’s still all x86 compiled code - nary an ARM build in sight.

@lulzbot we really need guidance and info here. If you’re abandoning Mac, we need to know, and if not, then we need information on what to expect in terms of supported software. It’s not just about the 1.75 tool head, we’re talking about an inability to use our printers.

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Three weeks…@lulzbot how about responding here?

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I have a Mini M1 and have no issues running Cura LE. I use it almost daily to Octoprint.

Good to know thanks. Still the old version though, right?

and two more weeks…does anyone from @lulzbot even monitor these forums?

Support appears to still be in MIA since the sale…very disappointing.

I know the M1 chips introduced a lot of incompatibilities with OpenGL software. Cura (not just LE) is OpenGL based and this could be causing your issues as well.

This is even from Ultimaker Cura 4.8:

So it seems that your OpenGL drivers crashed.

I don’t think it’s really something Cura can do anything about. It should be noted that Qt also doesn’t support your computer yet: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-85279 (not even via Rosetta). As a result, we can’t support it either.

I suggest that you try the compatibility mode for layer view, the option in the preferences screen. It restricts Cura to use OpenGL 2. Perhaps it doesn’t hit the case that your OpenGL drivers crash on then.

Makes sense, as Apple’s depreciating OpenGL.

Wonder if @lulzbot could at least offer a linux ARM version. That way we could at least run it inside a VM.

Nowadays might be worth trying the Prusa Slicer, which I believe supports Lulzbot. You may have to enter custom settings for your print head.