Cura 3.2.23 Runtime Errors with large prints


My company owns a Taz 6 which I have been operating for quite some time with no issues, but like everyone else since I went from the legacy Cura’s to the new Cura’s the troubles never end

My current job is to print 200 electronic enclosures for some server room monitors we are making just for within the company, and the file size of the .stl for the box is quite large, about 30mb. Since I have so many boxes to print I use the whole print plate which can fit up to twelve boxes in a 2 to 3 day print session. When I load up twelve boxes and tell Cura to slice, I get the runtime error and Cura crashes.

Is this just a memory issue? Is there anything I can do about this except for of course getting a better computer? I’m not necessarily blaming Cura on this particular issue, it could just be my computer can’t handle the job. My specs:

Windows 10
Intel I5-4300U @2.50 Ghz
4 Gb Ram
Integrated graphics (I’m sure there’s very little video memory)

4gb seems like it should be enough ram for this, but maybe not. I am able to run NX 12.0 without any memory issues.

One idea I think I could try is reducing the file size of the .stl, but I’m not sure how to do this. I’ve made the model in NX 12.0 with convergent modeling techniques, and whether I export in a high resolution stl or a low resolution stl the file size only differs by a few hundred Kb.

Any advice on how I can print larger batches with this big file size? I can print one or two at a time without Cura crashing, but that’s just not efficient enough for me. I want to reduce loading/unloading frequency on the printer of course to reduce the time I spend at the printer. On a related but separate note, would getting a paid program like Simplify3D be worth it? We don’t print that much, but reducing the time I have to fiddle with settings to get a good print is priority.

I think this issue will most likely be either model or computer related. I tried to load up 12 of a model that I had that was of equivalent size 31.8MB and duplicate it to have 12 on the build platform at once and didn’t encounter any issues with Cura crashing. Could you post the model that you are trying to do this with? I would like to check and see if I can replicate this problem using your model, that would narrow it down to something with the model. Otherwise most likely it will be a computer issue. In general Runtime errors relate to a problem with the driver so I am leaning towards computer being the more likely culprit.