Cura LE crashing far too often

Hello everyone. I am running a brand new installed version of cura LE for windows 3.6.25. Before I installed it I uninstalled cura le and cleared the cache for local appfdata and roaming. I restarted my computer which is Win 11 version 21H1. My rig is Threadripper 1950x 16 core with 64GB ram.

The problem is cura crashes when I load more than 4 models, or if I make too many changes and reslice. I know my computer has the power, I assume cura le is not so great. I see a lot of cura videos on youtube and I can’t do half the technical stuff or detailed stuff I see. I have trolled the forums, and did all the things I mentioned already. Is there anything else to be done? I increased my virtual memory, no avail.

I do not have my TAZ 6 connected to my computer, it is connected to Octopi.
Yes, I checked for Windows updates before reinstalling cura le.

Cura LE is a 32 bit program so it can’t take advantage of all the extra specs that your pc has. We are working on solutions but none have been finalized. My recommendation would be to use our start and end gcode with another slicer.

@rhenderson I know this is a late reply/question, but has there been an update on the 32 vs 64 bit Cura issue? I am running into the same issue of Cura crashing with an STL (~95 mb). Is this too big of a file or is it that Cura is a 32 bit program? Thanks!