Cura 3.6.20 not working anymore (at all) :(

Just joined this forum because of this problem, sorry if this is in the wrong category.

Purchased TAZ Workhorse November '19. Installed Cura 3.6.20 and immediately printing.
As of today, I’ve completed 160 prints and 3000+m of material.

Flash forward to this past Friday (6/5/2020) and when I opened cura to make another print, CRASH.
White screen ,never opened the program. This has never happened before!

Bewildered, I google for hours, trying clearing cache, uninstalling/re-installing. I can get it to open, it will show the little Lulzbot test print gear, but as soon as I click anything, CRASH. Sometimes it stalls upon opening on a white screen, sometimes it will make it into the UI before crashing.

I have no idea what else to do, seeking help. Thanks!

I had a weird issue with cura once are your video drivers up to date? I redid one of my computers and couldnt get cura to work till I updated nvidia drivers.

Good luck

As far as I know they are up to date. I haven’t had any video driver updates that I’m aware of come up and ask to be updated either. The computer has literally been the same for over a month. My last windows update was 5/13/2020.

I had this happen on the mac version once. Uninstall/re-install wouldn’t fix it. But once I used an App uninstalled utility, it cleaned out quite a few related files – and after that, I was able to install and have it working again.

I’m not on Windows, but possibly you have some leftover files preventing a re-install from working.

Try following the Upgrading? Clean you cache! instructions on this page if you are running Windows.