Lulzbot Cura 21.03 Freezes when opening

hey guys,

I’ve done a bit of searching trying to see if anyone else is having this problem, and nothing seems to be popping up on the radar.

I’ve been using my Kittaz (taz4 edition) with the taz5 hotend upgrade for 2 and some odd years with out any problems. Suddenly when I start Cura 21.03 the main window pops up and the menu loads, then it freezes before the graphics portion showing the build plate loads.

This only happens after the first time I use the program. Meaning, if i uninstall and reinstall Cura 21.03 the program can run once. I can print all I need with no problems at all. Once I close it and open it again it freezes. Nothing fixes the issue except uninstall and reinstall (that I have found so far). rebooting doesn’t help, log off long on doesn’t help either. I’ve also tried starting it with and without the printer plugged in.

I’ve noticed this after a video card driver update. So I rolled back my video drivers. That didn’t seem to help. I have a nvidia geforce GTX 1060. I’ve tried running with the integrated card and the nvidia. windows hasn’t ran any updates lately.

when I kill the task it gives me a “pythonw.exe is not responding”.

Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks everyone!