Cura and multiple parts on the build plate

I am trying to set up Cura to print a plate full of parts one part at a time, and it always wants to print them all in one go. I set the machine settings to have the printers head size, and have selected the print one at a time option under tools; but it seems to have no effect. I even tried to select print everything and go back to print one at a time. By only changing that one setting the g code gets rebuilt, however when I look at the layers it shows all the objects being built at once. I have attached my profile settings if they help.

I am using Cura LulzBot Edition 14.09-1.17
Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon 32 bit, Cinnamon version 2.4.5
Linux Kernel 3.13.0-37-generic
Python 2.7.6


Side note- I am a Linux novice, so if I need to update something detailed instructions are very helpful. I just setup this computer today using a fresh install of the OS. I used the instructions on the LulzBot website for installing Cura using the package manager. I was surprised that a couple hours after I was done, I assume when the Cura update was published, that the OS told me there was an update for Cura and installed it with no fuss. Very nice!
Latest Profile.ini (9.73 KB)

So, umm, never mind. After booting up the computer today Cura is correctly creating the gcode for printing one object at a time on. :slight_smile:

What are the correct settings for the print head to work? I hear this is ongoing development. What magic did you perform to make it work? The head settings are not in your posted profile and you didn’t mention the Cura version you’re using.