Cura Configuration Changes after switch to 0.4mm nozzle

I recently swapped out my original nozzle for an E3D 0.4mm hardened steel one in my Mini 1. Are there any changes I need to make in my Cura 3.6.20 configuration?



And in the profile itself:

Thanks, Joe; that got me most of the way there. But, I don’t see how to change the profile’s line width and wall line width. Actually, I don’t see the wall line width at all. The plain “line width” I can see but not update. Here’s what it looks like:

Any suggestions?


It looks like you make the changes on the main screen, click the star next to the profile which brings up the Preferences, Profiles with a button that says:

Update profile with current settings/overrides

When I do that after duplicating, for example, the High Speed Profile, I get the following in C:\Users\Brad\AppData\Roaming\cura-lulzbot\3.6\quality\lulzbot_taz6_high+speed+%232.inst.cfg:

version = 2
name = High Speed #2
definition = lulzbot_taz6

quality_type = high speed
setting_version = 4
material = PolyLite_PLA_(Polymaker)_lulzbot_taz6
type = quality_changes

line_width = 0.4

If I were designing this UI, I don’t think this is how I would do it :grin:

Looks like that did the trick. Thanks again!

Oh, and I definitely agree with you about the UI.