Cura -> Configuration Wizzard opening many Windows

I installed Cura on my Ubuntu 14.04 according to the official instructions. Now when I start Cura, the Configuration Wizard opens, but no matter what I click, it keeps opening new Config Wiz windows. You can watch an example video to see the bug in action.

I assume a quick workaround would be a fresh .cura directory from one of you so to skip the Configuration Wizard. I would appreciate that. Is there a bug fix or other solution?

The bug has been reported on Red Hat, too.

Edit: I installed another version, got it past the wizard then removed it, installed the latest version and now it works. Here is the working [current_profile.ini]( from my ~/.cura/15.02.1-1.03 directory, if people run into the same problem. Still, lulzbot people should fix that ASAP.

What a top quality bug report, thanks con-f-use :smiley: We’re currently migrating our issue tracking system over to You SHOULD get a faster response time by posting software issues there.

I’m unable to open the video that you linked as I get a “FEHLER 403 - Unzulässig!” error. But I know exactly what you mean, it is a pretty infuriating bug :blush:

This is a problem we have fixed, but the change has not made its way into a public release yet. As I type we are in testing phase, hoping to release 15.02.1-2.xx in a few weeks.


The video link got corrupted, sorry about that. I fixed it in my original post and I’m happy to hear the bug will be fixed in the next realease. I will report bugs on the site you gave earlier, should I encounter others. Thank you.

Cool. I like your desktop background BTW :slight_smile:

So I signed up on and my account was activated. I downloaded the latest development release from there. Turns out, the bug is NOT fixed yet and neither is it reported. Not a big deal, but one can hope :wink:

Its a bit strange. I do not have the right to make bug reports/tasks, otherwise I would have. It is a rather critical bug, as it prevents every new user on Ubuntu and Fedora to use his printer with Cura.

Also something I’m missing with cura, which I imagine would be pretty easy to implement, is
a) a pause function, so you can can pause the printer, save the gcode that remains to be printed and continue another time
b) the ability to to resume prints, when the serial connection got lost
The printer knows where it stopped and so does Cura. I would request these but again, I can’t do anything on despite my account.

Edit: Found there is (an empty) feature request for a pause button.

Thanks for following up! Which branch are you using? Master (the default when cloning) does not have the fix yet, it is only in devel so far.

It took me a bit of time to find my way around. Indeed I downloaded the Master branch at first. Sorry for that. Now I have the devel branch (git clone -b devel ssh://, and the new selection dialogue looks very nice AND works. Thanks for your support and prompt replies, I hope you won’t be bothered by my next problem:

With the right development version, I can’t open the control dialogue and there for can’t print. I don’t know, whether the two are connected, but whenever I load a model, I get the “Object must be shorter than 17.0mm…” warning (see picture). In the debug output I get a bunch of “permission denied” errors related to and Any Idea here?

No worries! Master is the right branch for people to start on. At times we may be working on feature branches that are even further ahead than devel is. These may appear/disappear with no warning at all.

The “must be shorter than” errors are caused by being in print-one-at-a-time mode so swap back to print-all-at-once. This is not nearly as obvious or well designed as I would like yet.

Those other errors I can’t be sure without more info.

Just FYI: here are two mockups that we are hoping to finish in this current release. Lots of discussion happening today :slight_smile:

Also are you building/installing or running directly from source (running dev-cura file)?

The latter, I was running dev-cura, here is the exact permission errors.

Is there a schedule for the next official/recommended/stable release or whatever it’s called.

Hi con-f-use,
I’ve created a new task concerning your permission denied :
It explains the issue, but here’s more details for you :
Basically, you have Cura (The user interface) but you need CuraEngine (the slicer) as well, The easiest way to do it would be to clone the CuraEngine repository and build it, then move the CuraEngine executable into the Cura source directory or to /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. Another way to do it, would be to simply create a symlink to the executable.

You also said that you couldn’t create a task in, can you try again and tell us what error message exactly you receive?


No, as always, thank you! :slight_smile:

Creating tasks now works like magic, as you see. Btw. I find getting e-mails from the web-ui about posts I made and tasks I created a bit redundant, but it’s not too irretatting.

After I build the engine and linked it into the “Cura” directory I can do prints with the development version. Seems to be a big improvement, congratulations!

It even fixed a new issue that had just popped up, where the wiping, auto-leveling and printing would take place ~1cm above the build plate (in thin air). Seems that the printer had somehow corrupted its zero point during an aborted print, which got reset, when I ran the devel version for the first time and deleted my ~/.cura directory beforehand (in order to see the config wizzard).

Schedule - this release should be going into Open Beta on 9/21. There will be a “large” official post in the software section of this forum announcing it.

You can turn off phabricator email notifications from here: That was the first thing I did after creating my account haha.

Sounds like you are up and running, sweet :ugeek:

Got my dates wrong facepalm
We’re releasing on the 21st. Beta starts on the 14th, which is this Monday.