Model Size issue

I created a model with a maximum dimension of 158 mm to print on my Lulzbot Mini 2. When loaded into Cura 3.6.20 it won’t slice indicating the model won’t fit. Looks like Cura won’t use about 4 mm around the edges of the print bed. The printer settings indicate print bed dimensions of 161 x 161. Actual print bed is closer to 170 x 170. Can I print this model somehow?

Well I went into the settings for my printer and was able to change the print bed dimensions adding 4 mm to x and y. I’m printing now and it seems to be working fine.

Yep. Came out fine. Didn’t know I could do that.

Another way to load marginally-large models into Cura, without changing printer settings, is to adjust position and Build Plate Adhesion of the model. When I get the Cura fit error for a model I know should fit, I select the model and use the Move icon to center it (set both X and Y to 0). If this does not do it, I set Build Plate Adhesion to “None” (no Skirt, Brim or Raft) - note that Cura shows the usable bed size with a darker border if any adhesion method is selected. After the move, I’ve often been able to re-select Skirt or Brim and the model still fits. Just something else to try.