Cura with Lulzbot Mini: cannot use max print size

I’ve recently started using the Lulzbot Mini. I am encountering a weird problem with larger models.
In theory, the maximum X and Y print size should be 152mm as per the spec sheet.
But Cura greys models over 145.4mm :confused:
Before anyone asks, I’m not using Brim options.
Any idea why Cura won’t let me go to 152mm?

Here’s a screenshot and an STL for a model with largest axis = X = 148mm

31-book-insert.stl (26.2 KB)

You are going to need to disable the skirt option in expert settings. (Turn everything to 0.) The skirt is set to be Xmm around the outside of your object, and will take up some of the build volume. By disabling this, it will allow you to reach full build volume.

Amazing. Many thanks! Will try this 1st thing tomorrow! :smiley: