[Cura] Dynamically setting bed and nozzle temp?

So I am having issues with higher z axis prints with adhesion. Once it gets like 3-4 inches up I get intermittent horizontal splitting. Its very minor but I was thinking the cause is just temperature. Is there I way I can raise the bed temp and nozzle temp when the z-axis gets so far in Cura?

Or should I just set it to higher temps on higher prints from the start?

Or am I missing something completely altogether?

What filament are you using and what temperatures?

I think you covered this partially in another thread.

Fillament: IC3D 3mm ABS (Neutral Color).
Nozzle Temp: 245C
Bed Temp: 100C

I have recently bumped it up to 250 and 110 for larger or taller prints with minor cracking still occurring, but less frequent. I am looking into building an enclosure. Any ideas on what the ambient temp that should be inside the enclosure?

When I used my “blanket” enclosure" temps ran as I remember 90 - 100 Deg F. key is no drafts. I got tired of the hassle using ABS and switched over to PETG, problem gone.

When it comes to PETG, are there any strength or rigidity differences? I heard it’s similar to acrylic, not sure how true this is. ABS seems to make pretty decent prints, with this exception.

Also do you have any suggestions for a good supplier of PETG?

PETG is as strong or stronger than ABS, requires lower bed temps. I use eSun filament most of the time and get it from Amazon, free shipping with Prime of course.

ABS is fine for smaller prints, and I used it for several projects successfully. For tall or larger prints you need an enclosure of some sorts. BTW I never run the bed fan with ABS.

Should I disable it here in cura?

Yes and certainly try it both ways. Some people run the fan for ABS, I never did.

Make sure to click on the “…”, it expands additional settings. By default, the fan is off for the first layer - described in the tooltip when hovering your mouse over the option.

Everyone’s print environment is different. For me, ABS seems to like 40 - 60% and I like to print a bit hot for better adhesion. Note - the fan may not actually turn on unless 30% is specified.

Tell me more about PETG…