First layer calibration problem

I’ve downloaded 2 different first layer adhesion tests, and for some reason when I go to start the print, the head moves (or tries rather) off the bed and I have to abort. I have no other problems with printing. Only when I try to print these adhesion tests.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Happy holidays


I forgot to add that I’m using a Tax 5 with dual extruder v3

Did you download .gcode files or .stl files. If .stl, what slicer did you use to create .gcode.

If the files aren’t gigantic, you could upload them here and that might help us help you.

Firstly, thanks so much for replying. it’s a .stl file and strangely It doesn’t perform the problem when using simplify 3d. So I’m assuming it’s a Cura thing. I don’t really use simplify 3d because I can never get a good print from it, and I’ve learned on Cura. So I’m hoping this is a code issue that I can resolve. it’s strange that this has only happened on these single layer calibration files. here’s the file. Thanks so much

First_layer_calibration.stl (139.7 KB)

What version of Cura? BTW, I get good prints from S3D on my TAZ 6.

I just sliced this with CuraLE 3.6.22 but I had to change the layer height and first layer height as their defaults of .25 and .425 couldn’t slice the stl file as it is only .2 high.

It prints on my TAZ 6 (Single Extruder) but will need some tuning to be perfect at .2 layer height. I think it would work better for me to scale Z by 125% to make the first layer .25 high.

It certainly didn’t send the nozzle off to never never land.

Just a note that you probably don’t want to scale your z for this (or hopefully ever). You need to slice your model in cura at 0.2mm layer height.

The key things to dial-in for tuning first layer are z-offset and extrusion multiplier. Z-offset will define how accurate the distance between the nozzle and the bed is. If you’re printing 0.2mm high layers, your print should start with the nozzle ~0.2mm above the bed. If you are also trying to get accurate printed layer heights, extrusion percentage scales how much plastic is extruded. This varies by filament. To get accurate layer heights your printer needs to be “spreading” a consistently thick 0.2mm layer of plastic.

I might dial the above in with one of the small squares you are printing, and then work on the larger full bed test.