Cura flashing incorrect E Step...??


Thought I would post this in case it would help someone else. I recently switched my toolhead from the single head extruder v2 to the flexistruder v2, something I’ve done many times prior. However, this time the prints were coming out in sputtering, intermittent, laggy-ness. It looks like it would spit out a small amount of material (1 mm^3) and the move without any material. Even though it looked like the feed was it was sputtering, I didn’t think the e steps could be that far out that quickly, so I reflashed it. The issue remained, so I chased my tail looking for other issues. I tried several attempts to alter the slicing, but nothing worked.

Then I was going to calibrate the esteps, but I looked at the e steps on the LCD screen and noted it was off by 20. I updated it on this screen and it fixed the issue immediately.

It appears that Cura is flashing the Lulzbot to the wrong esteps (I verified they were correct in the Machine Settings and the gcode). Anyhow, maybe this will help someone.

Taz 5, Cura 21.03.

Each individual tool head has unique Esteps due to slight differences in the hobbed bolt. These are calibrated before leaving the factory, and the esteps should be written on the back of the tool head for accessories, and included with your test acceptance paperwork for the stock machine.

Cura flashes the average for Esteps, but it will vary from tool head to tool head. Be sure to update the steps and follow the OHAI kits when swapping tool heads:

We hope this helps!