Defaut e-step in Cura and on Lulzbot

So I followed the instructions when swapping to the Flexystruder on my TAZ 6 a few days ago. I wrote the number down on the back of the head and entered that into Cura when told in the directions for the e-step piece. Today, I switched back to the standard/default head and now I can’t remember what the e-step number was prior. I think it was 0 so I entered that and it seems to be printing well. Now, if I go into the LCD of the TAZ itself, it has a number of 866 there for the e-step. Should I put that in Cura instead? Or leave it how I have it at 0? Will the machine settings override Cura? I feel like I made such a rookie mistake!

Thanks for the help!

0 in Cura box = Use machine/firmware E Steps

Number on Flexy in Cura Box = Use that number instead.

So if using the Flexy you enter the number on the back of it in the box in Cura. If you re-install the original you enter 0 in the same box so that it uses the number in the firmware that matches the E Steps for the original extruder.

Coo, thank you! Everything was printing just fine set at 0 so I figured it was good. Still might try my hand at checking e-step one of these days. I have to pull myself away from printing! I might only have black and clear but I just ordered more colors to try out!

thanks again!

You can also save each toolhead as a separate profile (or multiple profiles for the same toolhead), so when you load the flexydually toolhead profile it will load up the correct offsets and same for the other toolheads.

Thanks for that suggestion! I think I will do that to make my life easier. Getting forgetful in my old age! LOL