Missing Z-steps after firmware update

I’ve just made the dumbest error I could do. I’ve recently bought a TAZ 5 from ebay and after assembling it I noticed that the last version of cura didn’t see the taz 5. So I decided to upgrade the firmware. After doing that Cura stared working with the printer but then I realized that I did not read mt E steps and Z steps before updating!

Regarding the E steps I’ve found how to calibrate the extruder here : https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/fine-tune-mini-extruder/calibration/. Following that guide I’ve found a pretty good value for the e-steps.

Unfortunately I can’t find any way to calibrate the z-steps.

My bed is leveled and the bed_calibration.gcode seems to perform well with my bed calibration but when I try to print something I get very unpleasant results especially on the top layer:

Is there a way to find a new value for my printer?

Thank you

Your Z-axis steps per unit should be 1600.
If you’re still using the stock tool head, reach out to the support team at LulzBot.com/Support with your serial number. They’ll be able to look up your printer in the master build log to find the factory calibrated esteps value for you.

I’ve sent an email to lulzbot support, I hope that they still have my original settings.
At the moment my steps are:

Ysteps/mm 100.50
Xsteps/mm 100.50
Zsteps/mm 1600.00
Esteps/mm 821 (before the calibration it was 800)

I think that those are the stock steps without fine tuning though

Thank you for your help

This is old, but no one answered it so I thought I would in case someone else needs the info.

Calibrating esteps is very easy, here’s the method I use: Extruder Calibration – 6 Easy Steps to Calibrate Your Extruder. Basically you simply mark the filament to measure actual extrusion length, extrude a fixed amount, measure the difference between actual and intended extrusion, then recalculate esteps with an east formula.

The link above is VERY basic, so you’ll have to read through some unnecessary stuff to get to the gcodes, etc., to command the extruder directly.

In any case, calibrating is simple. I made the mistake of updating firmware and not recording esteps. It’s so easy to calibrate I don’t bother recording the setting if its going to be wiped out by a firmware update.