How to add Flexyhead with Cura 2.6.xx

Hello Mates,

how i can use a Flexyhead with the new Cura 2.6.xx?
I have the LB Mini and i used bevore Cura 21.xx Version all the Time.
There was easy to change the E-Steps for every Flexyhead.
Now i cant find the position, did somebody now the Solution?

Thaks a lot Mates and a happy New Year to all.

No problem we can setup a flexystruder with Cura Lulzbot edition no problem.

First take a look at this Quick Start guide for the new version of Cura:

While it’s not specifically for the flexystruder it does have great information on using the new Cura.

Now for adding new toolheads like the flexystruder see here: in the section “Easy Hardware and Firmware Changes.”

Lastly the Esteps can be entered in using the console. You can find the console in the “Print Monitor” tab once you connect to the printer, after clicking the console you will be able to enter in commands to the printer. Enter in M92 EXXX except replace XXX with your Esteps number, then hit enter. Then type in M500 to save the change.

Mate thank you for the fast Answer.

That’s what I thought.
In Cura 2.6.xx it is no longer possible to change Flexyheads with Flexyhead and update the E-Steps inside Profile.
Thats still a step backwards in terms of user-friendliness.

I have 4 Lulzbot Minis here and 6+ Flexyheads, and when some Head made Problems i can switch easy to another.
Now the E-Steps must be programmed in the Ram with M92 and that will overwrite the E-Steps for the normal head.
To keep track, I would now have to see every part and every printer with stickers to record the current status.

If lulzbot does not take this attitude into its own version, I see no difference to the standard version except the color.
I hope they will do it.
That was the Reason why I recommended to use Lulzbot, it works and it is easy for everybody to work or change Tool/FLexyheads
and go on with work.

Therefore, I do not ask you to regard this as evil, but as a constructive criticism and improvement proposal.