Cura ignores infill setting change


I am relatively new to this field. Currently, I am using Cura to slice my stl. file and that is a really simple flat square. But for some reason, it ignores the infill setting change and it only shows lines pattern regardless of what I select. This worries me more as it might not change other settings such as speed either. There is no way to find this out until I physically try printing but I don’t have enough materials for test prints and I cannot reuse the printed material. Any suggestion that how I can solve this problem is highly appreciated.

Best wishes

I have a couple of questions. What Version of cura le are you using, what operating system, what are you trying to slice, what filament, what infill are you trying to use? Can you help me try to recreate this issue?

edit: If it is more urgent than waiting a couple of hours for a response I suggest submitting a ticket to our support staff.

Also, how tall is this “flat” square? You you might be seeing the bottom layer pattern and not the infill pattern. How many layers is your .stl?

Thanks for the reply
I used v 3.6.23 first and when I encountered this problem I now use v 3.6.20 (same as my colleagues) currently on Windows 10. I want to have rectilinear infills 90% (solid layers).
The structure is 2 mm thick which is a few layers (it does the layer slicing properly)

Did you slice it after you changed the infill setting? I am using 3.6.23 atm and am able to get solid layers at 90% with the Lines pattern.

It slices it automatically every time you change a setting but I don’t see any difference in the result, unfortunately!

I would recommend reinstalling if you are still having issues. I was not able to recreate this issue.

Can you upload a screenshot or a picture of this?